Smart Home Solution in Bangalore


VAVIS offers smart switches that provide centralized control over curtains, fans, and lighting, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency in residential and commercial settings.

  • Multi-Function Control:

    • Curtains: Allows remote opening and closing of curtains or blinds through wireless control, either via a switch or a mobile app.
    • Fans: Provides speed control and on/off functionality for ceiling fans, optimizing comfort and energy usage.
    • Lighting: Enables dimming and on/off control of lighting fixtures, supporting various types of bulbs and LED strips.
  • Integration and Compatibility:

    • Smartphone App: Offers remote control and scheduling of curtain movements, fan speeds, and lighting settings from a smartphone or tablet.
    • Voice Control: Integrates with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing hands-free operation through voice commands.

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