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Mr. Vinay Kumar P. an Industry Veteran with more than 20+years of Experience in Automation & System Integration dived into the World of Entrepreneurs with a View to Share his Knowledge on the advancements in Science & Technology. A Zealous man with an Everlasting thirst for knowledge, originating from Karnataka with a dream to Revolutionise the World with Smart Digital Technology, holding an Electrical & Electronics Engg. degree & having experience in providing solutions for Corporates, Residential, Hospitality, Education & Commercial business vertical for Audio-Visual, Lighting, Security, Networking Integration & Automation.

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Company was started with a vision to provide Value based, Cost Effective, State-of-the-Art, Customised Automation solution to everyone all over the world. The Company’s key idea is to provide the world with Safe & Simplified life with a Touch of Button or even without.
The Company has been continuously evolving for many years with a View to Upgrade the existing Technology & inculcate New upcoming Technologies. Some of the notable events were, when an Interesting measure was taken for Proliferation of Internet & it’s Ramification into the Technologies provided by the Company & Converge AV, IT, also a Key event when IOT & AI was Integrated as Part of the Solution.
VYNET Aims to be on Top of the Science & Technology Chain in providing Solutions in Technology throughout the World to make it a Safer, Secure, Convenient & an Interesting place to be in the near Future. All these aspects provides the Companies Etiquette & Ethics that it has gained for many years of Hard Work & Experience. We look forward for you to join us in this Fantastic Journey of Revolutionising the world with Smart Technology for a Better Living & Better Tomorrow for all.

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To Be A World Class Provider In Quality, Result Oriented & Value Based Automation Solutions & Services


 Helping Customers To Achieve Desired Results.
 To Offer State-Of-The-Art, Innovative, Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions.
 To Offer Best-In-Class, Value Added Customer Service Support By Fulfilling And Delivering Customers Requirement & Expectations.
  To Offer End-To-End Solutions.
  Provide A Secured, Rewarding, And Happy Work Environment For Our Staffs.

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Flawless Design

Wellness of the Enduser

Self Sustainable Product & Technology

Integration of Technology into Design

Innovation in blending Technology with Design, Creating Comfortable, Functional, Secure & Sustainable Project

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