Smart Home Solution in Bangalore


Rako provides comprehensive home automation solutions tailored for hospitality and corporate environments, offering sophisticated lighting control systems that enhance ambiance, efficiency, and guest comfort.

  • Customizable Lighting Control:

    • Scene Setting: Allows preset lighting scenes for different areas like lobbies, dining areas, conference rooms, and guest rooms.
    • Dimming Control: Precise dimming capabilities to create the desired atmosphere and adjust light levels according to varying needs.
  • Ease of Installation:

    • Wireless Options: Rako’s wireless systems (RAKOM) are ideal for retrofitting without disrupting existing infrastructure, minimizing installation time and costs.
    • Wired Solutions: RAK4 provides robust wired options suitable for new constructions or renovations where wired installations are preferred.
  • Integration and Control:

    • Control Interfaces: Wall panels and touchscreens for convenient local control of lighting scenes and individual circuits.
    • Smartphone App: Remote access via iOS and Android devices, allowing management of lighting settings from anywhere within the property.
    • Voice Control: Integration with voice assistants (e.g., Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant) for hands-free operation.

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