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Moorgen Iconic Smart Panel

Moorgen integrated smart panel inherits the simple, comfortable and humanized product design from Germany

Steve Leung Supercar

Designed by Interior Design Master
– Steve Leung

Zaha Hadid Landmark

Designed by
Zaha Hadid Design

Monaco Supercar

New Visual Sensory inspired
by Supercar

Denmark Series

Smart Panel with
Interior Design Brings Mind

Swiss Series

Smart Panel with Unified yet
Aesthetic Design

Newton Retro

An Encounter of a Century

Moorgen M50 Crystal Series
Smart Remote Control

Breaking Space Barriers One-button to
Start the Future Life

Italy Series
Al Intercom Smart Screen

Based on user habits, the Al learning functions of the Italy Series Al Intercom Smart Screen allows for multimodal fusion interaction, such as touch, vision, and voice

Moorgen Al Smart Screen

Low power consumption
more lightweight and slim

Other Moorgen Products

The Creation of Various Humman Use Cases and Behaviours

Rotary Smart Panel

Dimming Knob

The Moorgen Dimming Knob is a circular smart panel that is designed to be rotated. There is a dimming knob that will match your interior design, whether it is luxurious or minimalist.

The Touchscreen Smart Panel

Smart LCD Panel

The Moorgen Smart LCD Panel is a touchscreen smart panel that offers a single screen interface for controlling all interior smart home appliances.


Smart Controller

The Moorgen Smart Controller is made to function as a single controller. Every controller has an exquisitely crafted and refined tactile experience.

Companion to Smart Panel

Dimming Controller

The Moorgen Dimming Controller is a little yet effective gadget that can be used anywhere inside the house to control Smart Home.

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